Superintendent's Evaluation


Evaluation of the Superintendent


According to the Pennsylvania School Code, all school districts that have hired superintendents on/after the fall of 2012 are required to develop objective performance standards and post them on the district's website. The superintendent must be evaluated annually, and the objective performance standards must be mutually agreed upon by both the board and the superintendent. To that end, The West Perry Board of School Directors and Dr. Michael O'Brien have mutually agreed upon the objective performance standards listed below.

PARTNERSHIP WITH THE BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS: Under this standard, the superintendent is expected to execute duties and responsibilities related to evaluating and assessing the district's strengths and weaknesses; interpreting and executing board policies, recommending board-directed changes and improvements, and developing effective communication protocols to keep the board well informed on system-wide challenges.

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Under this standard, the superintendent is expected to develop the leadership capacity of the administrative team through a goal-oriented process; promote a safe and respectful school climate; ensure the integrity of a performance evaluation system for all staff; and align educational resources to create an academically robust learning environment, consistent with the mission of the district and respecting appropriate financial limitations.

BUSINESS, FINANCIAL AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Under this standard, the superintendent is expected to oversee all fiscal processes and protocols as outlined in district policy and procedures; ensure all HR functions are executed consistent with district policy and procedures; and coordinate the monitoring of the physical plant that ensures appropriate compliance with regulations, and a healthy environment for students, staff and visitors.

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Under this standard, the superintendent is expected to develop communication processes that connect the district's initiatives with the work of staff, the interests of students and families, and the missions of local agencies, through planned visitations and outreach efforts that are communicated to the board and measured for effectiveness.

At the conclusion of the evaluation cycle, the board must publish a statement on the district's website as to whether the superintendent met (or did not meet) the objective performance standards. The West Perry Board of School Directors has issued the following statement:

The West Perry Board of Directors has rated Dr. Michael O'Brien in the following categories for the 2016-2017 school year: Partnership with the Board of School Directors - Distinguished, Educational Leadership - Distinguished, Business, Financial and HR Management - Proficient, Stakeholder Engagement - Distinguished.